Delibar Touch

“Social bookmarking
  for iPhone”


Delibar touch is a full-featured Delicious and Pinboard client for iPhone that synchronizes your bookmarks to the cloud. You can browse, search, tag, and edit your bookmarks anywhere with Delibar touch.


Delibar touch brings most of the Delicious and Pinboard features to your iPhone and adds some mobile awesomeness to your bookmarking experience:

  • Add / Edit / Delete bookmarks.
  • Multi account support.
  • Global search accross all your bookmarks.
  • Access your friends' bookmarks.
  • Save your favorite bookmark searches.
  • Navigate bookmarks by tags.


Some screenshots of the actual Delibar interface, click for zooming the images or playing the video.


Want to save some bookmarks while browsing? Follow these steps:

  • Bookmark this page and name it "Send to Delibar".
  • open this page and copy all the text.
  • Edit "Send to Delibar" and paste in the url the copied text.

Now you can tap the bookmarklet to add websites to Delibar.

Alternately you can open this website using Safari or Firefox on your Mac, install the bookmarklet in your browser, then synchronize your bookmarks to your iPhone or iPod via iTunes.


If you need to get in touch with us you can use any of the following contact:

We always try to get back to you in 24/48 hours, and we always give a reply to your questions.